The ASP.NET Microformats Control needs more reworking


I made use of the ASP.NET Microformats Control in a expermental website and faced the following limitations. It would be great if they are fixed so that the toolkit can be used productively.
  1. No control over the Display of data. The data is displayed as it is from the xml tags. There should be a mechanism to display it in a professional way.
  2. Option to hide the xml contents but have it grabbed by the Oomph overlay. This will make sense since the data on the page can be formatted to look similar but it is actually the hidden tags that have been grabbed by oomph overlay.
  3. No provision to enter the start time and end time in the hCalendar control. This is very important and it also give the exact timings of the event in the vCalendar file for Outlook. Inability to give this data shows a different time in the Oomph overlay and it is not correct.
  4. The sentence "This control is particularly handy to use when programmatically creating microformatted content, aka populating pages with contacts from a database." says it all. But no example to show how to do this programatically. May an example, how to pull data from database, or xml file or external datasource and display it on the Oomph overlay will be more helpful.
    Hope that this will be attended to so that there will be more usage for using Oomph ASP.NET Microformats control on a wide scale.
    M. Rajesh.